Why Does It Take Three Years To Create A High-Tech Ceramic Rado Replica Watch?

The round case of the distinctive Rado True fake watch is recognizable which has been designed with the technique of one-piece molding process. The evolution history of the case of Rado True timepieces presents that how the development of technology promotes the design of the high-tech ceramic wristwatch. In fact, the cases of True collection watches have experienced numerous design evolution.

It is much more complex to create the high-tech ceramic timepiece than steel model.

40 MM Rado True Replica Watch

In 2006, Xeramo became the first member of the True collection. The case has been made by the high-tech ceramic and it still maintained a hidden steel core. With the development of equipment, the designers of Rado could achieve a softer, slimmer shape and make the dial wider. During this period, there was not only polished high-tech ceramic watch on the market, and the matte high-tech ceramic watch also appeared.

The integrated design of this Rado is simple and cool.

Automatic Movement Rado Fake Watch

Like other things, the freedom has a cost. The design process of the Rado is more complex. But why? The research and development of the mold is a big project. The designers should follow five steps including hand drawing, computer generated sketches, 3D printing with hard wax, disposable steel or machined ceramic prototype and mold design. Without any doubt, compared with the steel watch, the design and manufacture of the high-tech ceramic watches are more complex. That is the reason why this Rado copy watch with high-tech ceramic bracelet has been taken three years.