Why Do Luxury Replica Watches With Big Dials Become More And More Popular?

It is undeniable that the wristwatches with large dials become more and more popular in recent years and the diameter of new watches that famous watch brands release are larger and larger. Looking back to the 1990s, the diameter of the men wristwatches is 37 mm to 39 mm, while it has been increased to 41 mm to 44 mm after 21st century. Nowadays many models have been designed with 45 mm to 48 mm cases. Here I will say something about the condition briefly.

1, Satisfy the demand of market

In fact, no matter big watch or small have their own loyal fans. Some people consider that the timepieces with small dials are suitable for women or little boys. In my opinion, the big watches are designed for people which have thick wrists while people who have thin wrists had better choose small models which will fit you better. The strong IWC fake watch with steel case is more suitable for tough men who have big wrists.

The blue hands and black Arabic numerals are striking on the white dial.

Blue Hands Imitation IWC

2, Progress of mechanical watches

With the improvement of mechanical watches, the dial of the timepiece should provide more space to the various multiple functions. For examole, the Zenith copy watch with brown calfskin strap offers higher viewing value and optimum legibility.

With the gray dial and brown strap, the Zenith looks noble and warm.

Gray Dial Replica Zenith Watch

3, Modern taste

It could be said that the watch is the only accessory of men. Nowadays, the timepieces women choose are with big size and 36 mm – 40mm are the most popular size for them, so men should choose bigger to present their masculinity. In my opinion, the watch that is suitable for you is the most important. Small version looks gentle and elegant while big version looks tough and powerful, which are actually not absolutely good or bad.