Unique And Pretty Hublot Big Bang Knockoff Watches With Colorful Sapphire Bezels

Hublot Big Bang collection always adopts unique and innovative design ideas to create excellent products. Today’s models use uncommon materials for their cases and straps. Hublot Big Bang copy watches with white gold bezels are driven by Cal. HUB1242, self-winding mechanical movements with column wheels. The outstanding Swiss movements can support flyback and chronograph functions. The power reserve is 72 hours.

The 45mm transparent cases are made from polished sapphire crystal. Their gold bezels are very appealing because of 48 baguette-cut colorful jewels. They are sapphires, rubies, topazes and tsarvorites. We can see the decorations are colorful and dazzling. Then, their hour markers and central hands are all covered with white luminescent plating. A small seconds sub-dial is set at 9 o’clock and a 60-minute counter is at 3. Besides, wearers also can see the date from a small indicator at 3.

Their dials are hollowed, made of composite resin. People can see the complicated structures through the exquisite dials. The brilliant Hublot replica watches also have transparent rubber straps and sapphire case backs. The whole image is fancy and exquisite, very attractive to modern and fashionable customers.