Two Luxury Replica Watches With The Theme Of Skull

The pattern of skull means death before, however, it becomes a most popular element in fashion circle currently. Now many famous watch brands have designed its products with the theme of the skull. Some set it on the dial while some others set it into the movement. Today I will introduce two innovative fake watches designed with the theme of skull.

Richard Mille RM 052

The pattern of skull has been designed on the movement too.

Black Rubber Strap Fake Richard Mille

The highlight feature of this Richard Mille copy watch with skeleton dial must be the skull on the dial made from 5-grade titanium. It was very expensive when it was released in 2012. Furthermore, the theme of skull has been blended into the movement. The upper jaw and lower jaw of the skull “bite” the ruby that fixes the frame of the tourbillon, while the part of the back of the skull becomes the splint of the movement.

Bell & Ross

The skull on the dial looks green in dark environment.

Automatic Movement Replica Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross knockoff watch with titanium case features a skull shaped dial which exudes green light in dark environment. The watch was created to commemorate the heroes who fought bravely during World War II, especially the paratroopers of the American Airborne Division.