These Just The Real Clown Watches – Cool Replica Konstantin Chaykin Joker Watches

When mentioned the clown, the exaggerated image of making people laugh that would come to my mind. The impression that the clown always plays a happy angel for us. But when connecting the clown and watches, I only can thought of the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s, today, I found an true clown watch: Konstantin Chaykin Joker wrist watch.

Why do I say that, for we can see from the name and also can see from the picture above, that is really just like the clown for appearance. This steel case fake Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch not only just with the eyes, the nose, mouth, but also with the ear and expression.

This replica Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch just created by Konstantin Chaykin which is the new work in 2017. and the inspiration comes form the greatest rival of Batman, and at the same time, and also salutes to the famous characteristic villain who just with the same name. And the eye-catching palace of this black leather strap fake Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch not just the appearance, it also presenting the theme ideas with another “face”. The fake watch just with about 20000 different species of “face”.