Taupe Alligator Straps For Harry Winston Ocean Knockoff Swiss Watches For Hot Sale

Harry Winston is good at designing elegant models with luxury diamond decorations. These sparkling diamonds are deeply welcomed by female people. The Harry Winston Ocean Moon Phase fake watches are integrated with delicate designs and practical functions. The best Harry Winston Ocean copy models are a best seller among ladies. Attending dinner parties, ladies can wear the timepieces to match their magnificent dresses. I am sure that this match can leave others a deep impression.

The 36mm round cases are made of 18k rose gold. Their cases and lugs are all decorated with shiny diamonds. There are just hour and minute hands in the center. The moon phase indicator is in the center too. It has the skeleton check patterns with gold plating. The moon and clouds are all vivid. The other part of the blue mother-of-pearl dial also has several shiny diamonds as decorations. The glossy cases are equipped with transparent case backs. Besides, a date indicator is set at 6 o’clock.

Harry Winston replica watches with blue dials are driven by Swiss quartz movements HW5201. Their delicate dials have unique and brilliant designs, appealing and charming. The blue color can show soft and gentle characteristics of ladies. Taupe leather straps can bring a comfortable experience and a noble feeling to wearers.