Simple Black IWC Portugieser Replica Watches With 43MM Polished Steel Cases

IWC Portugieser collection has a large amount of loyal fans. They are attracted by its noble styles and exquisite details. The Portugieser watches I recommend have the main color black for their dials and straps, emphasizing reliable and decent feelings. Swiss mechanical movements IWC Portugieser copy watches have 43mm steel cases with domed and smooth bezels. The whole cases look glossy and delicate, and also have solid characteristics.

The steel cases have a daily water-resistance. Then we can see their simple black dials. Their broad dials have a good readability. The hour markers are steel Arabic numerals. And a date indicator is set at 3 o’clock. Their seconds function is displayed through the sub-dial at 6. These basic and practical functions are supported by Cal. 59215, hand-wound mechanical movements with 30 jewels. The Swiss mechanical movements with Breguet hairsprings have a long-lasting and stable power reserve of 8 days.

The power reserve of movements is remarkable, displayed on the case backs. The timepieces are applied with lots of advanced technologies. Black leather straps IWC fake watches have an eternal design concept of decent nobility. They have exquisite details and accurate functions, all attractive to gentlemen to buy.