Precision Landing: Three New Canada Best Omega X Swatch MoonSwatches Fake Watches Focus On Planet Earth

It’s official, after teasing a closed turquoise case on social media for the last few days, Swatch and perfect CA Omega replica watches today revealed its contents. The Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection welcomes three new members clad in three novel colorways. Unlike the previous editions, these quartz chronographs reflect natural phenomena on Earth. Hence their names: Mission on Earth – Lava, Mission on Earth – Polar Lights and Mission on Earth – Desert. All three come in cases with a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 13.25mm.

They are water-resistant to 30 meters and equipped with color-coordinated velcro straps. The luminescent dials with the famous two dots at 12 differ slightly from one another and pay tribute to historic high quality fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches through subtle details. Introducing a new design for the sub dials with more numerals, they are protected by a box-shaped crystal, made of bio-sourced material and treated with an anti-scratch coating. There is also a tachymeter scale aboard.

Replica Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission on Earth – Lava Watches

As its name suggests, the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission on Earth – Lava is inspired by erupting volcanoes, capturing the intense reds and oranges of its dial and case. With its orange chronograph hands, it also pays homage to the historic 1968 AAA Canada copy Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches “Ultraman”.

Fake Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission on Earth Watches– Polar Lights Watches

This cheap replica watches pays tribute to the gorgeous Aurora Borealis. Visible from space, and breathtakingly beautiful, these brilliant atmospheric phenomena are characterized by extremely colorful “curtains” in the night sky, green and blue being the most common.

The blue dial itself is studded with little “stars” of tiny silver-colored flakes, inspired by aventurine glass dials. This is another nod to certain top Omega super clone watches. The layout of the “stars” is different on every model, making the dial of each watch unique. The numerals and indexes on the three sub dials have a radial groove, just like the Speedmaster in Omega’s Alaska II and III projects.

Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission on Earth – Desert Replica Watches

Both the case and hands of the Swiss made replica Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission on Earth – Desert watches come in a sand color, and the dial and strap come in greige (taupe), bringing to mind the vast expanses of sand that cover over a fifth of the Earth’s landmass and can be found on every continent.

The sub-dials are also executed in a radial format, as a nod to the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects. As the other dials in the collection, they carry the Omega X Swatch branding, as well as the luxury Omega Speedmaster fake watches and MoonSwatch logos.

The availability is scheduled for June 15, 2024, with price tags of $270 each.