Limited Edition Brown Leather Straps For Retro Bell & Ross Vintage Knockoff Watches

Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edición Limitada has 99 pieces in total. The limited edition has very distinctive and unqiue features. BR fans can recognize this edition easily at the first glance. The timepieces have many innovative designs and special materials. Now, let’s start to learn more details. The classic Bell & Ross Vintage replica watches use Makassar ebony for their cases. This edition has a deep relationship with the cigar. The rounded cases and dials remind people of the shapes and colors of cigars.

The main colors of the great Bell & Ross Vintage copy watches are the iconic brown of Cuban cigar. The whole designs are filled with noble and retro feelings. The 42mm round cases are made from 18k 5N gold and the broad brown dials have clear Arabic numerals as hour markers. These hour markers are covered with gold powder. The way to display the time is traditional. And there is a power reserve indicator set at 5 o’clock. The timepieces are driven by Cal. 202, hand-wound mechanical movements with 34 jewels. The frequency is 4Hz and the power reserve is 5 days.

Bell & Ross fake watches with gold hands have a unique design on the dial. People can see the balance wheel at 9 o’clock. The timepieces keep lots of classic designs of original models. The brilliant and retro appearances can leave people a deep impression. Many owners will collect them carefully and seriously.