Ladies’ Replica Watches For Sale Ladies’ games

— Whether a regressive trend or a simple need for lightness, feminine Rolex Replica watchmaking is treating itself to a facelift with fun, poetic and even somewhat frivolous models. Christophe Claret, Chaumet and Piaget pull out all the stops.

Peinture de Trish Biddle

The more watches play with our imagination, the more they tug at our heart strings in a game of seduction that swings between pure watchmaking and inventive jewellery. When it comes to ladies’ watches, an elaborate stage production of time designed to awaken our interest is often juxtaposed with the rigours of mechanics. It only takes a moving diamond, a precious insect pointing at the minutes along its wings or a case that can be transformed at will through a perfectly mastered optical illusion for us to be completely caught up in the game. And if we can’t always work out what is happening in these Replica Watches UK games, one thing is for sure – they have everything on their side to win the prize: women’s hearts…

The one that comes out on top …

… is Margot! Christophe Claret stunned the world last April by impressing everyone with his first feminine complication which turned out to be one of the most creative. Margot, a diminutive of Marguerite for this watch which offers to kill time by picking the petals off a daisy (marguerite in French). In order to do this, it has a mechanical device which reproduces nature’s vagaries. The watch springs to life with every push, making a petal or two disappear beneath the dial in a completely random manner. The written verdict of this loving ‘daisy oracle’ then appears. It is funny, precious and as inventive as you could possibly wish for. We love it un peu (a little) beaucoup (lots) passionnément (passionately)… à la folie (madly)…



© Christoph Claret

The one calling the shots … you! Because the point of the seven diamonds in Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Collection is to move around between the dial and the sapphire crystal in reaction to the movement of your wrist. This year, it’s the cute play of light produced by the Happy Sport Medium Automatic Two Tone that is catching everyone’s attention in a new steel and gold version of the model presented at Baselworld in 2013 for the 20th anniversary of the line. A guilloché silver-tone dial, 36 mm case and mischievous diamonds all combine to pull out all the stops.



Happy Sport Medium Automatic Two Tone.
© Chopard

The one playing hide and seek …

… is Chaumet! Once upon a time there was a bee that tried to escape from a spider… unless it was the other way round? Well it doesn’t really matter, as long as both continue to run around the dial of the Attrape-moi si tu m’aimes (Catch me if you can). In this version in white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds, Chaumet composes the dial as a precious scene featuring a hollowed out spider-web motif and adorned with mother-of-pearl cut-outs assembled between the metal threads set with brilliant-cut diamonds. While the spider displays the hours, the bee buzzes around the dial to show the minutes. This Omega Replica watches is quite simply addictive: you get involved in the game just to see if the bee will manage to keep up with its arachnid counterpart!



Attrape-moi… si tu m’aimes.
© Chaumet

And the one playing a double game…

… is the rose! The flower that Piaget reinvents throughout its collections and which, in the Limelight Blooming Rose version, changes its face with a simple sleight of hand. Alternately appearing as buds or unfolding its diamond corollas, the Fake Watches UK is transformed by means of the case whose upper section rotates by a 45° angle. And when it comes to the seduction game, with its 269 grain-set diamonds hemming the black lacquer dial, the Limelight Blooming Rose is sure to win.



Limelight Blooming Rose.
© Piaget Replica Watches