Jacob & Co Replica Watches The Billionaire

— Beneath the world record luxury of 260 carats of diamonds, The Billionaire showcases a degree of meticulous ingenuity synonymous with the tradition of the Jacob & Co.

The Billionaire © Jacob & Co

The apparent weightlessness of the skeletonized mechanism brings an appealing air of minimalism to a design that scintillates on every millimeter of its bracelet and 18K white gold case.

The sophisticated modernity of the JCAM09 hand-wound tourbillon caliber strikes a delightful contrast to the piece’s overall vintage design, which alludes to the jewelry craftsmanship practices of the 1920s. Beneath gun-blue skeleton hands, the skeletonized movement boasts a number of superb finishes for a stunning effect. From its hand-finished angles to its drawn flanks, the sand-blasted mechanism, equipped with a 72-hour power reserve, endows the timepiece with a beauty of detail befitting its  exterior.


Measuring an imposing 58mm by 47.5mm, The Billionaire adorns the wrist with unrivaled splendor.
© Jacob & Co Fake Watches For Sale

Each emerald-cut diamond that composes The Billionaire’s exterior is mounted upon a setting of 18K white gold beads, each meticulously shaped into an inverted pyramid

Created as a unique piece, The Billionaire truly epitomizes the brand’s passion for breaking boundaries. The seamless interaction between every stone, and between each delicately finished part of the caliber, underscores an astounding level of skill and visionary creativity, one that elevates Jacob & Co. to its standing as an unquestioned leader in the field of high-jewelry timepieces.