“Élégante”: the very first ladies collection by F.P.Journe

F.P. Journe “Élégante” ladies collection Replica Watches UK

It took 8 years of research for F.P. Journe to develop this innovative movement that combines the comfort of use of an electromechanical watch with feminity, elegance and precision.

A revolutionary new horlogical concept

Always ahead of his time, conciliating tradition, innovation and modern technology, for his first ladies collection F.P. Journe has developed a revolutionary horological concept. It was designed and conceived exclusively for women, with extremely precise technical specifications that make it a long-lasting Rolex Replica watch. The “élégante” measures time impeccably, allowing it to be stopped and started again. This is the dream of all women and of all watchmakers as well.

It took 8 years of research for F.P. Journe to develop this innovative movement that combines the comfort of use of an electromechanical watch with feminity, elegance, and precision. It offers the wearer 10 years of use when worn and up to 18 years in standby mode.

All the mechanical elements of the “élégante” movement are manufactured by F.P. Journe, based on his own criteria of excellence in state- of-the-art haute horology. The electronic components were developed by a Swiss engineer and were made in Switzerland according to exclusive and exacting standards, with a microprocessor specifically created for the Fake Watches.

The concept of this electromechanical watch features a mechanical motion detector visible on the dial at 5 o’clock. When the watch is not worn, it stops after about 30 minutes. In standby mode, the microprocessor continues to keep time, while the mechanical parts – gears, rotors and hands – stop moving in order to save energy. When the “élégante” is again worn, it automatically sets itself to the correct time, taking the shortest path – either clockwise or counter clockwise – again, for the purpose of energy conservation.

F.P. Journe “Élégante” ladies collection

The novel luminescent dial of the “élégante” in its Titanium version recalls the shimmering surface of white mother-of-pearl. It offers max- imum legibility, by day and by night. At night the hands count off the hours, as in a shadow theatre. As a finishing touch to his first ladies collection, F.P. Journe has chosen a flat Tortue case, whose design is trademarked ®.

As François-Paul Journe says: “I created this watch because for 20 years, women have been asking me to design a watch for them; a watch that was different and comfortable to wear, and that suited their needs and desires. I therefore created this long-lasting  watch es- pecially for them. Today the “élégante” features the only electromechanical movement conceived and created for the luxury market and offering a true vision of luxury.”

The case of the “élégante” is available in Titanium, with 7 coloured rubber partitions and a matching rubber strap: white, rose, light blue, mid- night blue, chocolate, burgundy red, and khaki green. Its ergonomic shape perfectly hugs the wrist. The 18 ct. red gold version comes with a chocolate strap; the Platinum PT 950 version with a dark blue strap. A jewellery version of the “élégante” is available, with a diamond– set bezel and a dial that can be set with precious stones upon request.

The philosophy of the “élégante”

If electronics had existed in the 18 th century, they would have been used by master horologists for marine chronometry, to achieve maximum precision during ocean navigation, while offering a sophisticated construction and luxurious design.

F.P. Journe produces haute horology movements; each watch is fitted with a sapphire back that reveals its magnificent movement. Faithful to the specifications of his haute horology production, F.P. Journe reserves a special treatment for the movements of the “élégante”, with an outstanding decor that may be admired through the sapphire case back.

The exceptional horological savoir-faire that characterises all F.P. Journe watches, and his exclusive mode of assembly, are both present in the “élégante”.

The basic conception of the electronic components is very important, which is why F.P. Journe made it a point to develop an efficient move- ment that consumes less energy – with its inherent ecological benefits. The integrated circuit of the “élégante” – in a sense the watch’s brain – incorporates high-performance electronic components. 10 years of use if worn, and up to 18 years in standby mode. In an ultimate feminine touch, a heart adorns the back of the movement, showing the location of the microprocessor that symbolises the heart of the Replica Watches UK.

The flat Tortue case and rubber bracelet fit all wrists with sensuality and perfect ergonomic design. For the dial, true to his philosophy, F.P. Journe emphasizes legibility. Based on the principle of cloisonné enamel, the case of the “élégante” is decorated with rubber partitions.

F.P. Journe “Élégante” ladies collection Fake Watches

Both classic and contemporary, possessing the inherent magic of all F.P. Journe creations, the “élégante” is sure to make its mark in horo- logical history.