de Grisogono Replica Watches Interview with Fawaz Gruosi

Swiss Replica Watches — Fawaz Gruosi was in Dubai for the opening of a new boutique and a strategic announcement regarding the company’s jewellery collection. He agreed to answer some of WorldTempus’s questions.


Why did you choose Dubai and the Dubai Mall for your new boutique?
This boutique is an important step forward for de Grisogono, both in the Middle East and in terms of our global positioning. Today, Dubai is an internationally recognised luxury shopping destination. We were always going to have a presence here, we simply had to wait for the right time and the right location. The Dubai Mall is in the heart of the city, and it brings together the greatest names in the industry, particularly in its prestigious just replica watches and jewellery section.

What are we to read into the redesign of your de Grisogono flagship store interiors?
After 23 years I thought it was time to freshen things up, if only to draw people’s attention! We can’t have people getting too comfortable! A few changes can rekindle the spark in a surprising way.
Thanks to our partnership with the designers of David Collins Studio in London, our shop provides the perfect backdrop to our watch and jewellery creations. It places a focus on luxury craftsmanship and combines modern furnishings (and works of art from Dubai’s Opera Gallery) with some classic details.


L’intérieur de la boutique de la nouvelle boutique de Grisogono. © de Grisogono

Where do Swiss replica watches fit into this new space?
They have a very special place. Particularly since our local partners, Seddiqi and Sons, have 65 years’ experience in the Middle Eastern luxury watch scene.
The new de Grisogono boutique (175 square metres) includes one room entirely dedicated to watch creations: La Stanza Del Tiempo (room of time), which is darker and more theatrical than the other two. We chose contrasting materials to display our new watch creations: display cases made of aged copper against wood-panelled walls.

You also selected DMCC in Dubai to collaborate with you in celebrating the history of your jewellery designs. What is your vision?
Yes, we just announced at the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Center – the global epicentre of the diamond trade) that we have acquired rights to a flawless rough diamond weighing more than 400 carats. It is one of the rarest and most impressive diamonds ever discovered, and will require around six months to cut. By going straight to the source we have access to the most exceptional gems without having to pass through intermediaries.
This strategic decision and the coming year will mark an important step forward for de Grisogono. We will be designing jewellery pieces around extremely rare stones, and using our company’s strong creative DNA to turn them into something truly outstanding.


The boutique interior. © de Grisogono fake watches

As an entrepreneur, how do you look back on your two decades of disruptive creation? Is there anything you would do differently?
My first eight years at de Grisogono were devoted to unbridled creation. The business grew very quickly. While I am scarcely less restrained today, I do have more responsibilities, and that makes a difference! But I have no regrets. It’s a wonderful thing, to be a victim of your own success.

Today Dubai, tomorrow Cannes… What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival? Who will be wearing de Grisogono on the red carpet?
This year we will be taking over one of the finest terraces in Cannes, the Suite des Oliviers at the Hotel Martinez. We will be welcoming guests there throughout the festival, and displaying de Grisogono’s creations. Another highlight is the exclusive party we host each year. More than 500 guests are invited to the Eden-Roc Hotel on the Cap d’Antibes.