Colorful Hublot Big Bang Replica Watches With Pink Straps For Young Ladies

Some young girls want an energetic wrist watch as a daily companion. This model has diverse colors for the dial, markers and strap. The appearance is very impressive and unique. Hublot Big Bang copy watches with Swiss automatic movements have rose gold cases whose diameter is 41mm. The rose gold cases have blue dials of pink hour markers and green-sub-dials. The whole dials look like a painting picture of a child.

The designs express the free styles and innocent feelings of children. The color applications are remarkable and appealing. The blue, pink and green colors make the timepieces look very bright and lively. The fine Hublot Big Bang replica watches also have pink sapphires inset on the bezels. So the whole cases are shiny and exquisite. Their seconds sub-dial is blue and the chronograph sub-dials are green. All the rose gold hands are hollow-out. Besides, there is a date indicator set at 4 o’clock.

The rose gold cases are also solid and firm to protect the calibre. Their self-winding mechanical movements are the Cal. HUB4300. The automatic movement is composed of 278 parts. The power reserve is approximate 42 hours. The pink leather straps are very showy and filled with young feminine feelings. So they are deeply welcomed by pink girls.