CA Swiss Replica Cartier Métiers d’Art Crash Tigrée Métamorphoses

The crown jewel of CA AAA replica Cartiers Métiers d’Art models is, without a doubt, this diamond-set version with multi-colored enamel. The Crash is already one of the most collectible models in the company’s history and this will be a version that, once all 50 are sold, you won’t likely see again, even on the secondary market, for quite some time. Inspired by a watch disfigured in a car crash, but also reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s famous paintings, the high quality fake Cartier was created in 1967 at the height of the swing ’60s in London and marked an innovative new design during the period that still excites both collectors and wishful novices alike.

Here the company has put a new spin on its history by exploring its design through the lens of perfect replica Cartier’s artisanal craftsmen. The turquoise, sea green, navy blue and enamel elements are the result of masterful hands. If you look closely, you will see that these aren’t straightforward hues, but some are graduated to appear as though they melt into each other like watercolors.

The stripes of the cheap fake Cartier are achieved through champlevé enameling separated by lines of diamonds, all of which are set in 18-karat yellow gold. The enameling requires a firing process in a kiln at 1,292 degrees to 1,382 degrees to achieve the various colors in multiple layers. They must be “cooked” up to 10 times to achieve the variations.

The inspiration was African wildlife—crocodiles, zebras, lions, tortoises, you name it—which is a theme that has served up some of the company’s most revered designs since the first top super clone Cartier Panthère design was created in 1914.

Case Material: 18-karat yellow gold, enamel and diamonds
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Straps: Iridescent calf leather
Price: Limited to 50, price upon request