CA Swiss Made Omega Speedmaster Reduced Replica Watches

After perfect replica Omega CA discontinued the Speedmaster Reduced, the brand still kept Speedmaster models with smaller diameters in its collection. Let’s not forget about the Speedmaster Day-Date models from the 1990s and early 2000s, which had a diameter of 39mm. However, luxury fake Omega also added self-winding models with caliber 9300 that had a 44.25mm diameter. At the time (2011), the Speedmaster Caliber 9300 models were more expensive than the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with a hand-wound movement.

Speedmaster Reduced
According to our sources, the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster Reduced sold incredibly well, and the sheer number of offerings on Chrono24 is a testament to that. These Speedmaster Reduced watches, especially pre-owned, sold for much lower than a Moonwatch at retail price. But Swiss made fake Omega discontinued the Speedmaster Reduced long ago to make way for more expensive Speedmasters with self-winding calibers.

One of the main concerns of some of the older CA aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster automatics was the “piggyback” movement. The chronograph was not integrated, but rather an add-on module (Dubois Dépraz 2020) on top of the base ETA 2892 caliber. These add-on modules have been discussed a lot on enthusiasts’ forums (like this one), where you will read some stories about them being expensive to service (or not at all). But Swiss movement replica Omega will service these movements and often replace the add-on module during a service.

The high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Reduced was in production from 1988 till the early 2000s and used different Omega calibers (but always ETA 2892-based ones with an add-on module). You can only identify the movement inside by opening the case back to see it or by using the serial number. With the serial number, you can approximately determine the production year. Knowing the year of production, you can assume that the following movements were inside — caliber 1140 (1988–1995), caliber 1141 / 1143 (1996–1999); caliber 3220 (2000 and later). When there’s proof available of a service executed by an official top super clone Omega service center, the movement and add-on module should be fine. Some independent watchmakers avoid these piggyback movements by Dubois Dépraz, though. There are over 300 listings for the Omega Speedmaster replica for sale, starting at $1,600 (without box and papers, offered from Japan). Take note of the additional import costs.