CA Cheap Automatic Fake Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M Nekton Commemorative Edition

Omega has cooperated with Nekton since 2018. Nekton has been committed to protecting the ocean. In protecting the ocean, Nekton considers that the most suitable one for this task is the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m, which occupies the important status in this history of Omega. This special Omega Seamaster 2 with black ceramic dial is paying tribute to Peter Blake, who is committed to protecting the ocean.

The timepiece is with high cost performance.

Steel Case Replica Omega Seamaster

Like other ordinary models of Seamaster, the dial of this special Diver 300M Nekton Edition is adorned with bright waved embossment. The 5-grade titanium bezel is laser-engraved too.

The prominent movement is set inside of the steel case.

Black Rubber Strap Copy Omega Seamaster

The extraordinary co-axial master chronometer Cal.8806 is set inside of the case. The pattern of Nekton, NAIADLOCK signature and Diver 300 M are engraved on the back to praise the hard work of the foundation.