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Interestingly—and perhaps unsurprisingly—I had a similar experience the first time I held a luxury fake Rolex Submariner. It wasn’t anything that fans of the brand hadn’t seen and worn a million and three times before—not a museum-worthy 6204, not the actual 6538 that Sean Connery wore in his first turn as James Bond in Dr. No, just a regular, beaten-up, early-2000s Sub with a cyclops magnifying the date and a slightly jangly bracelet. But it was a 1:1 replica Rolex Submariner, the first real one I’d ever held, and the combination of its heft in my (sweaty) hand, its place in the pantheon of horology, and its design language that had remained so remarkably consistent for half a century at that point, all had an effect on me not all that different from the Lafite.

This is the power of classics, and one of the most profound ways in which the worlds of both wine and watches overlap.

The same can be said of classic watches. Many of us—myself very much included—obsess over the details of any changes that are made to the perfect copy Rolex Submariner or Explorer, to the Omega Speedmaster… Last year, when Rolex unveiled its two-toned, 36 millimeter Explorer, I lost hours of sleep reading think-pieces and analyses about what it all meant, whether a two-toned cheap replica Rolex Explorer could even embody the ethos of exploration itself, articles and comments (oh, the comment sections were majestic!) ostensibly about horology but that could have been written by PhD candidates in philosophy with a particular slant in the direction of epistemology: How, they seemed to ask, could we know anything with certitude anymore if the Rolex Explorer fake online ca can be had in a two-toned version?

But, of course, two-toned or not, 36 millimeters or 39, worn on an aftermarket Nato strap or its famous bracelet, an Explorer is an Explorer is a Rolex Explorer fake CA: The language of its essential design has not fundamentally changed in decades. Sir Edmund Hillary would recognize the new 124271-001 as a descendant of the not-yet-called-Explorer that he wore on his ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. There are significant differences, of course: Hillary’s has triangular hour indices even at 3, 6, and 9, where the high quality replica Rolex Explorer as we know it has Arabic numerals in those quadrants. The sword-shaped hands of the Hillary watch are very different, too. But one look makes it abundantly clear that the DNA is there: The thread of a consistent design language manifests itself in the curve of the case’s flanks, the beautiful yet no-nonsense tool-watchitude of it all that ties it so intimately with its more modern incarnations. The Rolex Explorer replica for sale, in other words, just like the Submariner or the Speedmaster, is a classic.

Lately, my older daughter and I have been catching up on “For All Mankind” on Apple+ after dinner. It’s been fascinating to see the evolution of the AAA fake Omega Speedmasters that the characters wear as the years slip by in the timeline of the show. The night after we picked up my new Speedy, she wanted to learn about what tied the new one on my wrist to the ones in the world of the show.

Out came the iPad, and we began flipping through the seemingly endless variations both familiar and more obscure that Swiss movement replica Omega has released over the decades. All of them, she noticed—from the pre-Moon 2998-61 to the Mark II to the Silver Snoopy Award and beyond—looked, as she put it, “Like cousins, or even closer than that, even though they’re all kind of different.” In a world of constant change, of mind-bogglingly varied options, classics matter now more than ever.