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When all’s said and done, I’m a very lucky chap. I have a lot of nice top replica watches that I’ve spent the last couple of decades accruing. In the last few years especially, my collection has ballooned suddenly. Now with somewhere in the region of 75 timepieces to my name, spread around various locations on the big blue marble, hidden in safes, attics, and one particularly valuable sock drawer, I’ve decided to move on from the majority of these pieces to make way for the next generation. Find out what I’ll be chasing down over the next few years if all goes according to plan.

Best Fake Watches I need
Unsurprisingly, I keep a regularly updated list of Swiss made copy watches I simply need to buy at some point. Hopefully, the other guys will share with you their own personal wish lists soon. When it comes to mine, I’ve decided to share the five pieces that have been on my list the longest. These five represent the gaping holes in my collection and the gaping hole within my wistful heart. It’s super dramatic, I know. But if you’re as deep into this mad dance we call watchmaking as I am, I reckon you’ll understand.

Breitling Aerospace Replica Watches Online

Okay, this is pure luxury, but having finally acquired the 1:1 quality fake Breitling Aerospace watches (Everest Skydive limited edition) in 2020 for an absolutely ridiculous price (£1,500 new with 0% finance, which I took out for a year after paying a £300 deposit), I thought I’d scratched an itch that had been getting on my nerves ever since my mate Arron Shirley had lent me his for our graduation and accidentally gotten me hooked on the most awesome quartz wholesale super clone watches for Canada one existence.

I stand by that.

Regrettably, I developed a taste for the limited versions and began poring over forums and replica watches shop online sites looking for more information on these fascinating small series pieces. I recently saw a “Flying Monsters” limited on Chrono24. That edition is limited to 80 pieces and probably my absolute favorite. However, the price was set (and I mean set) at €2,800, and while I do regret letting the opportunity to own that particularly limited edition slip through my fingers, I felt it was a shade too much. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by my luck of 2020, but I’m going to keep on hunting for more limited top replica Breitling Aerospace watches bargains because the addiction is real. I need help.

Swiss Movements Omega PloProf Replica Watches

When my old colleague Patrick Kansa interviewed me for the series, “My First Grail Fake Watches”. I chose the Omega PloProf replica watches sale. Having completed my apprenticeship with high quality Omega fake watches and spent a couple of years at the bench for the brand down in Southampton, UK, buying the 1:1 cheap replica Omega watches had always been right near the top of my wishlist. Of course, on a newly-qualified watchmaker’s salary, buying one of the cheap imitation watches I worked on daily was not an option for me.

I had managed to pick up an old 1971 Lepine pocket replica watches for men by Omega on my local market in Glossop for £140 during my apprenticeship. It wasn’t running but was in amazing condition otherwise. I’d just finished learning all about mainsprings and I could tell that was the problem. Given that we worked a lot on ETA 6498/7s at that stage of our apprenticeships, I knew I could source a good fit for the Unitas 6497 within it without a problem. I do wish I’d waited a couple of more weeks to service it however because knowing how to tighten a canon pinion would have meant I could have also fixed the slightly loose hand action when setting the Swiss top fake watches. Embarrassingly, I never dared open it and expose the delicate enamel dial to my rampant idiocy again, but it runs beautifully regardless.

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Speed or Sea?

I picked up the best Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow replica watches. And yet the AAA luxury fake Omega PloProf — that ugly, wild, brutal beaut — still eludes me. I honestly don’t know when I would choose to wear it on my cocktail-stick wrists now, with all the alternatives I have, but it seems like destiny has one in store for me at some point.