Advanced White Gold Breguet Secret De La Reine Copy Watches Show Great Charm On Women’s Wrists

In 1783, the paintress Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun drew a portraiture for the French queen consort Marie Antoinette, and the picture was named “Marie-Antoinette à la rose”. From the rich personal world, Breguet obtained inspiration so as to create high jewelries, and the series of “La Rose de la Reine” chose the famous rose in the picture.

Advanced White Gold Breguet Secret De La Reine Copy WatchesNowadays, new silver dials Breguet Secret De La Reine fake watches have been designed to make the series more perfect and excellent. To people’s surprise, the watches are decorated with delicate rose with shell cameo that can be pressed to show the legible time. Moreover, the rose petals are exquisitely carved so that they are vivid.

Surrounded with white gold cases, the Breguet copy watches with blue hands can show great charm with the help of the dazzling diamonds both on the cases and dials. Furthermore, the white rose can bring people very pure feeling, therefore, the watches are easily favored by women.

Inside the shiny jewelries is a precise 586 self-winding movement in order to present the outstanding performance, and especially designed for women, the watches are equipped with sapphire crystals that are glareproofed at both sides to ensure the remarkable readability.

Advanced White Gold Breguet Secret De La Reine Fake WatchesTo completely reveal female glamour, the diamond replica watches adopt black straps that are designed in bowknot shape, which make them extremely fashionable among women wearers.

Due to the luxury fake watches on the wrists, extreme charm can be interpreted through women’s wrists.