A Proper Choice For Modern Men: Longines Conquest Fake Watches With Black Dials

Longines Conquest collection has lots of practical and professional products. The target customers are a wide range, including male and female. The delicate Longines Conquest watches knockoff have practical GMT functions. Their color matching is low-profile. And there are no shiny or showy decorations. The black dials have applied steel indexes with white luminescent plating as hour markers.

Their three steel hands are all set in the center. The hour and minute hands have luminescent plating as well. Besides, there is also a red hand with a white luminescent tip in the center used to show the second time zone in a 24-hour mode. Then a small date indicator is set at 3 o’clock. The black dials have a classic layout. The 41mm frosted steel cases with smooth bezels can protect their calibers well. Their practical functions are supported by Cal. L704.2, self-winding mechanical movements with a persistent power reserve.
The precise automatic movements can provide about 48-hour power. Longines copy watches with red hands have super practical and reliable functions, suitable for daily and travel use. Many office workers and sport lovers all like to wear them as a daily companion. The models are easy to match different fashion styles.